If You Own Memoir ‘44, You Practically Own This Game – Dire Heroes Contest

Contest is now closed, stay tuned for the winners announcement.

If you own a copy of the base game of Memoir ‘44, you qualify for this contest.


Because that is what you need to play Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres, a set of Great War rules that I authored to be played specifically with a single base game set of Memoir ‘44.

Between now and October 29th if you register as a subscriber (be sure to login and fill in your name after registration) to Brummbar44.com your name will be entered to win one of 5 copies.

Winners will be announced on Brummbar44.com on October 30th.

Current subscribers will also qualify as long as the Name fields are filled in. Look for the Registration link along the right column or just click here to Register.

(note; subscribers without a Name will be purged from my database on Oct. 31st, I have a lot of spambots that I need to get rid of).

Privacy statement – your email and other account information will never be given to third parties.  Subscribers will have access to some exclusive content on the Brummbar44.com website.

Thanks and good luck!

7 Responses to “If You Own Memoir ‘44, You Practically Own This Game – Dire Heroes Contest”

  1. CoffinDodger Says:

    I am juat checking that I have completed the registration process correctly and an able to comment.


    I have now added this site to my “Favourites”.



  2. Brummbär Says:

    I confirm I’ve received your registration…and everyone else! Thanks for the great turn out folks! Welcome aboard CoffinDodger, keep dodgin’!

  3. norseman1066 Says:

    Very interested. Will have to really spend some time reading on this site.

    First impressions are favorable!!

    Keep up the gppd work!!

  4. Yokiboy Says:

    I should be a member now as well, Wordpress or not. ;)

  5. StevenE Says:

    I tried logging into your site again and it failed so I re-registered my information… Hope it doesn’t screw up your process.

  6. StevenE Says:

    Oppps… hit enter to quickly.

    I wanted to add thanks for your contest and a thank you for what you do for the gaming community. I appreciate it and hate it because I am still buying miniatures… So thanks… I think… LOL

  7. Brummbär Says:

    No worries, I’ll dump any entries that don’t have a Name field filled in on Oct. 31st anyway so I’ll delete it for you then.

    Thanks for the kind words above too StevenE, hope to be delivering more goodness in the years to come!

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