Brummbär ‘44 for Memoir ‘44

With the release of the Breakthrough maps from Day of Wonder, players now have access to the maps that before were only available with the Campaign Bag.  Having played the format, I was never quite satisfied with how short supplied the command cards were with it.  I had been working on a game system of my own that allows for more player control and thought it was an opportunity to present a glimpse of that in a cross-over.

Here is a simple rule set that uses a base Memoir ‘44 game to give you a flavour of what I am working toward.  It works very well with the Breakthrough maps (all scenarios actually) and, as was discovered through playtesting, a great way to play M ‘44 solo!

You can grab the rule set here – Brummbär ‘44 for Memoir ‘44

I hope you enjoy…feedback welcome!

(ps – Thanks to everyone who helped with this project.)

2 Responses to “Brummbär ‘44 for Memoir ‘44”

  1. Eric Mosso Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I see you’ve tweaked the rules slightly. I now have the Breakthrough expansion and plan on trying them out. Do you have any thoughts on how you would order trucks, anti-tank or mortar units? or any units that aren’t strictly armor, infantry or artillery(like jeeps and half tracks)? Your old rules with regular 6 sided dice throws seemed to cause an inordinate number of armor and artillery usage. These rules seem better balanced. Hopefully, your new features will come out soon. By the way, how is the beta testing coming?


  2. Brummbär Says:

    Thanks Eric,

    Yes, I modified the rules to conform more to the M’44 system for the crossover. I haven’t worked out all of the newer units into this crossover so I will have to give that some thought. In essence, units would still fall under the 3 major combat arms. Beta testing is coming along nicely with M’44 Online, I think everyone will be very pleased with it. Beta for my B’44 system is still plodding along, so many distractions! ;) It’s all good though. Thanks for the feedback!


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