Sometimes you get the Brummbär…

On my Memoir ‘44 online hunting today I ran across Hawkmoon von Köln.  He was eager and looking for a fight, as usual, I let my opponent pick the battle.  He settled on First Wave at Omaha…choosing the Allies!  Easy game…or so I thought.  What I didn’t know is that Hawkmoon brought his lucky charms and all his skills.  He quickly assaulted my left flank and made every hit count.  While my shots could be effective always fell short of elimination.  At the end of it, he had eliminated my artillery and all infantry save the cusp bunker unit.  On his side, all but one of his units was still functioning.  3 single figure units.

I brought over some assistance from the center and cleared out a lone figure on the objective.  ‘It’s now just a matter of mopping up’…or so I thought. My assisting unit soon bore the brunt of Hawkmoon’s luck.  Quickly reduced from 4 figures to 1 in yet another smashing roll I was forced back into the town.  It should’ve worked in my favour setting up a cross fire to bag 2 more medals, I instead had to focus all of my fire to eliminate a single infantry.  Suddenly, things were completely out of my control as the remaining single armor figure dashed in.  Eliminating a 3 figure infantry with one shot then doing the overrun to hit the lone infantry in town (that’s right, 1 die!).  There was simply no way to cover off the objectives anymore on that flank…it was over 6-4.

Now comes the sad part.  The rematch.  What can I say,  there was simply no matching that luck…except with the complete opposite. Getting dealt a Dig-in with 4 cards and Hawkmoon starting with an Air Strike certainly didn’t bode well.  Things went from bad to worse.  I ran about the battle field like a chicken with it’s head cut off…time and again Hawkmoon’s dice were simply devastating. While my dice couldn’t hit a thing.  I know, that’s what everyone says. But this was one of those battles where everything just kept going wrong…for me anyway.

Hawkmoon played it well, I can’t take away from that.  He did everything right and followed up everytime.  The luck was simply overwhelming.  Hawkmoon, if you are reading this, buy that lottery ticket my friend and send me half the winnings!  He earned 4 acheivements this day as well.  Congrats there!

Today Hawkmoon got the bear…but as the saying goes…’Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes he gets you’.  I’ll be hunting Hawkmoon ;)

4 Responses to “Sometimes you get the Brummbär…”

  1. Hawkmoon von Köln Says:

    That’s right !
    In the rematch, everything ran well : cards and dices (especially dices)…
    I never saw dices like Brummbär rolled (maybe Philoo also called “Five Stars General” who rolled it with a full japanese INF using the BEL card).
    In fact, Brummbär got me 2 times in Sword Beach and he’s the specialist for shooting bunker Artillery with “Barrage Artillery” card…
    Greetz from Le Mans (Homeland of 24 Hours Race and Plantagenêt’s dinasty)

  2. Brummbär Says:

    Even though it was hard to watch, they were good games!

  3. Geoff (gheintze) Says:

    Great report. I can’t wait to meet you all online!


  4. Vangoce Says:

    Don’t hesitate to rematch with an easiest opponent like me if you can stop beta testing the time of a game on Vassal :o )

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