Die by the Sword …of Stalingrad – Overlord!

Sword of StalingradFor immediate dispatch to OKW from Gen. Paulus, 6th Armee

Stalingrad has proven more difficult than anticipated.  The battle raged on for longer than expected (140 minutes!)

Recon elements discovered an additional Soviet battery (Reinforcement card from the Combat deck) around the sawmill.  Made for difficult progress on the right flank.  Many casualties there.

Early progress was made in the center and the heights overlooking Stalingrad were held after a number of contests that drained a lot of our resources.  Holding the heights gave us an advantage (Medal!).

Advancing on the factory districts was stalled at first.  Soviet armour held up our infantry that was already slowed by the cursed bakla terrain.  Gun support in this sector was however excellent.  Infantry continued to progress and showed excellent skills in street fighting (+1 die to close in building terrain).  Stubborn Soviet artillery required StuG’s be brought forward.  Soon though, they were being harassed by the Soviet infantry hidden amongst the factories.  Sniper (Combat card) was brought in to deal with that resistance.

We currently hold the factories and the heights and have an advantage but the other key bridges and stations are being held by the enemy.

I can tell you we claim victory here but it may be fleeting (Axis 17 – Allies 15)


2 Responses to “Die by the Sword …of Stalingrad – Overlord!”

  1. James Giltrap Says:

    Hey Brummbar
    I’m a huge fan and avid player of Memoir ‘44 but I’ve hit a snag interpreting the new Terrain Card 65-Balkas found in SoS.
    Can any unit INF-ART-ARM enter/exit the balka (gully) at any point by simply stoping, including onto or off a bridge? This seems to fly in the face of older terrain cards like Wadis & Gullies and Bridges and how they affect the game.
    Thanks and Season’s Greetings

  2. Brummbär Says:

    Unfortunately the card art is deceiving. Although the terrain looks like a gully, it is really treated more like an Erg & Ridges. So don’t let the contiguous nature of the graphic trick you, in each hex of balka terrain, units must stop!

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