Tide of Iron – Artillery Upgrade

Artillery CrewAs many of you know, I am a gunner (artilleryman) and I really like the way that TOI handles artillery fire.  The Call for fire might be a bit high but reflective (many a fire mission can go astray with bad comms…and this is WWII!).  Spotting rule…all good and correct.  Drift…exactly.  My beef comes next…firepower.

So I’ve gone through all the steps to call down fire and all I get is 4 dice…to suppress!!  What, am I calling down a guy with a grenade launcher?!

It just doesn’t make sense!  If a single mortar (let’s even assume it’s a fair sized mortar) gets 4 dice to suppress (without having to jump through the fire procedure) then why would artillery ordnance only get 4 as well?  One can only assume that you would at least be calling down a battery of guns. For a main killer in WWII, this branch is owed it’s due in this great system…otherwise, the artillery deck goes often unused.

Haus Rule – Artillery attack values equal card value +2 dice (wide blast included).

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