Grognard – The Shirt

The Grognard Shirt While many of you know that I am a big fan of games (ok, wargames more so) what you probably don’t know is that I was trained as an animator.  I recently discovered a website that allows me to upload some of my designs so that they can be made into t-shirts.  The site is pretty cool.  It allows you to make a custom t-shirt at an affordable price.

With the ‘Grognard’ design it can be put on any color or type of shirt.  You can add in text if you like (some suggestions…’Armchair General’, ‘Wargamer’, ‘I will take over this board!’ etc…).  You can even customize the back of the shirt and put more text on there.

I thought some of you might have some fun with this…I sure have.


Here is my link – Greenbear’s Shirts

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