D-Day Campaign Map

Recently, ‘thejughead’ posted a D-day Campaign map on the Days of Wonder forum (it is very good!).  This of coruse reminded me that I had made up a prototype campaign map for the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book.  I decided to post it for those who are interested on BoardGameGeek.com


2 Responses to “D-Day Campaign Map”

  1. jhorner Says:

    I think this is super cool. Do you know of one for the Eastern Front campaign? we’re almost done (I’m winning, I might add), but it would still be cool to have.

  2. Brummbär Says:

    Glad you liked it. Sorry, I don’t have one done for the Eastern Front campaign. Sounds like you are getting good use out of the Campaign Book though! Good to hear!. Cheers.

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