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Campaign Book Errata

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

It has been brought to my attention that the Flanking Caen campaign had an omission in the final editing.  It is possible for the Allies to win Withdrawal from Hill 112 (effectively ending the campaign) yet lose the campaign.  This means that the Axis has won the campaign but it’s not clear where the Grand Campaign goes after this.

The Axis Campaign box should read – “If you win the Campaign after Withdrawal from Hill 112 or Hill 112″

The Grand Campaign would move to The Breakout if the Axis wins the campaign regardless of the scenario.

Campaign Book Score Sheets

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Quick Update (March 11) – The file is now also available at for those who are on there.  You can find it here – Flanking Caen Score Sheet
While I’m sure that Days of Wonder will be posting the individual campaign score sheets for download, I thought some of you fans might get some use out of the prototype score sheets I designed while playtesting the campaigns.

You can download it from my User Page on the Memoir ‘44 website or, hopefully, you will be able to get it from (see the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book – Volume I entry).


Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book Delayed

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Just found out that there will be a delay in shipping in North America.  Sounds like the new date is now March 11th.  It does sound like European fans are getting their hands on this on schedule.  I’m looking forward to feedback.

I was under the impression that Days of Wonder would be doing more marketing of this product but it appears that their new game, Small World has taken their focus (shades of BattleLore here for sure!).

The campaigns are obviously all old hat to me.  I do have some others that have yet to be published (maybe a Volume 2?) in the meantime, I’m am checking into what Tide of Iron is doing for a campaign system.

There are other things in the works as well…hope to tell more soon!