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Turning Japanese

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

(I think I’m turning Japanese..)

So I finally got around to playing the Pacific Theater expansion (which no doubt, most have you have been playing for months now). I have to admit, it just wasn’t my theater. The Japanese armor is tin can like and the Pacific just never really captivated me like the European theater does (maybe it’s a lack of Japanese brummbär’s?!). That being said I just had to give it a go…and I’m very glad I did!

Of course, before I could even play a single scenario I had to paint up the whole batch. I did a marathon and painted the whole gang, infantry, armor, guns and all in 3 days (and that’s after work…so no excuses people…you all got my painting tutorial right?). I’m not extremely happy with the tanks, they didn’t quite turn out how I thought they would but figured they wouldn’t get much play anyway.

I had read the rule book when it came out and was intrigued by some of the new rules. In particular I couldn’t wait to try the Night Rule with a chart and everything! I have come to discover that not only does Richard Borg and the rest of the gang at DoW know how to unfold scenarios in the game, they know how to unfold the game itself. Memoir ‘44 is certainly the base game and the expansions get more advanced from there. The Pacific Theater is no exception. Lot’s of new rules that directly affect the units themselves and got me thinking on that concept (more on that soon). Again they didn’t throw into the deep end but rather let you wade in.

I found all of the scenario’s to be up to the quality I have come to expect from Mr. Borg. They all brought a unique challenge and were not nearly as unbalanced as I had been led to believe, in fact, I would hazard to say that this set of scenarios is the most balanced of the bunch. The only downside was that it ended all too quickly …before you knew it, we were done all of the official scenarios. With time still left in our gaming weekend I had a quick look through the Scenarios From The Front…and boy was I glad I did! I came across a few gems in particular one that felt like it belonged in the official group. We only got around to playing 3 of them before time ran out but enjoyed them. Watch for them in the next newsletter.

Well …I am off to test my new concept (look for some of my new images on BGG for a hint) and perhaps get in some more SFTF …I’ll be scanning through to find more gems and will pop back here to tell you about them. Until next time…Happy Gaming!