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A funny thing happened on the way to the Eastern Front.

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

I was all set to go when I soon ran out of the winter scenarios. I did find a couple of gems which I can recommend (see Scenarios) but along the way I got into a couple of books that took me right off track. The first was the D-Day Dodgers – The Canadians in Italy 1943-45 by Daniel G. Dancocks (author of Welcome to Flanders Fields a good WWI book!). Then I happened to have on my shelves but never read the account from the famous Canadian author, Farley Mowat, “And No Birds Sang” which is about his time with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment during the Sicily and Italian campaigns leading up to the epic struggle at Ortona.

So moved by the conflagration that lead up to and what was Ortona I decided to write a scenario about the battle that was known as the Gully. From there I went back and did the Crossing the Moro scenario (which actually preceded the Gully historically) This got me in gear to complete it as a trilogy ending in the Taking of Ortona which I finished playtesting recently and have now offered it up to the DoW community. I hope to do it up as a mini-campaign package to offer here.

So in the end I never did get to the Vassal Tournament (sorry everyone, it isn’t over, just delayed further). I really have an idea in how I want to do it but I need to get into some programming to make it work. More on that soon I hope. In the meantime I did redo my hills with plans to make them even better and perhaps offer them up for sale. I finished painting my Soviet Tanks (Images to come) and actually quietly posted a bare bones painting your memoir figs tutorial.

In the end, the detour through sunny Italy was nice. I got good use of my terrain pack. Had a lot of playtesting. Came up with some good concepts and even created some 3D terrain out of my spare scraps of blocks.