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Memoir ‘44 Scenarios

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Memoir '44 scenario - Disaster at DieppeThey’re back!

After a big site move and upgrade, some of the scenarios were bumped offline. I’m happy to report that all of my authored M’44 scenarios can again be downloaded direct from the Battles page.


Memoir ‘44 – FAQ

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Official version Hats off to Jesse Rasmussen for compiling the constant growing monster known as the Memoir ‘44 FAQ.  Released today, Jesse (Rasmussen81 on the Days of Wonder forums) has gone through the thread of FAQs that have been growing unkempt since it’s inception.

Jesse reports that he has been in touch with Richard Borg, the games creator, about some of the unanswered questions to create a living, updated document to address the many common (and sometimes unique) situations that have arisen over the years.

This will be a must for rookies and veterans alike. You can find the massive FAQ cleverly broken into respective parts on the Days of Wonder website.

D-Day Campaign Map

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Recently, ‘thejughead’ posted a D-day Campaign map on the Days of Wonder forum (it is very good!).  This of coruse reminded me that I had made up a prototype campaign map for the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book.  I decided to post it for those who are interested on

D-Day : 65th Anniversary

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Tomorrow marks the 65th Anniversary of D-Day.  To help honour those who sacrificed on that day, I’ve revisited a scenario I wrote some time ago and decided to bring it up to speed with some of the recent expansions.  For all my Memoir ‘44 friends and foes alike.  I hope you enjoy.

Juno Beach – a Memoir ‘44 Overlord Scenario

(can also be found and AAR’d on the Days of Wonder website).

“I saw friends I had known, men who had just joined the army in the first few months of the war – and now had died in their first action here on the Norman beach. They lived a few minutes of this victory they had made. That was all.”

- Ross Munro, Canadian Journalist Bloody Victory

D-Day Campaigns

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Because you asked for it (oh, and because it was already written) I’ve posted the D-Day Campaigns as a Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book Volume I Supplemental (that’s a mouth full!) on

The 2 campaigns (US D-Day and UK D-Day) were intended as an introduction to the Campaign rules but for various reasons never got officially published. They can be played with using just the base Memoir ‘44 game and a copy of the Campaign Rules (a few of the scenarios in them are available from the Days of Wonder website). Play them together for a mini-grand campaign.

This is a free downloadable PDF. Enjoy!

Campaign Book Score Sheets

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Quick Update (March 11) – The file is now also available at for those who are on there.  You can find it here – Flanking Caen Score Sheet
While I’m sure that Days of Wonder will be posting the individual campaign score sheets for download, I thought some of you fans might get some use out of the prototype score sheets I designed while playtesting the campaigns.

You can download it from my User Page on the Memoir ‘44 website or, hopefully, you will be able to get it from (see the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book – Volume I entry).