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Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Hong KongWhile I had planned to release my time appropriate Hong Kong Campaign (70th commemoration) free to the community this Christmas my computer had other thoughts. A broken hard drive put me out of action for the last week! So now I am behind.

However, I see that DoW is now also shipping the CB#2 around this time, overshadowing any contribution I would have anyway (coincidence? It was supposed to be out earlier…to add insult to injury, some people obviously have copies…mine have yet to arrive and I worked on it!). At any rate, it also appears that JDRommel has released another flood of scenarios in time for the holiday season so it seems that my efforts simply aren’t required.

In light of everything, I am disheartened to say the least. The only bright spot has been the support and friendship I have received from Richard Borg himself along with some encouraging comments from my friends in the community.

Maybe one day, I’ll get back to finishing this campaign for public consumption, but being self-employed now, I have more direct concerns to attend to. Sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone.

I wish you all a Happy Gaming Holiday. Best wishes in 2012

Thanks for the Memoiries

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…summer was busy and I hope everyone had a good one. Now that autumn is setting in, I’m getting back into the games…well…sort of. I also had to move my server (so some things might not be working…getting to them).

I did a Tide of Iron campaign that I hope to share more info about soon and of course, the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book #2 (which was actually earlier this year). I worked on the Pacific campaign and got to work directly with the man himself, Richard Borg. While all of the scenarios are of his creation, I got to stitch them together in the Island Hoppers campaign. Working with Richard was a dream, it was an absolute pleasure and honor! I’m sure it will be a great book for Memoir ‘44 fans.

Unfortunately, it appears that it will be my last effort with Days of Wonder. I was hoping they would publish my Hong Kong campaign (70th anniversary of the battle coming) but was told they won’t be able to get to it…too busy promoting someone else’s work I suppose. They also won’t let me commercially produce it, so I’ll likely release it for free around that time instead. It will be my last effort to that end.

I have to admit, I’ve also really fallen out of love with M’44. I think the Online version had a lot to do with that. The dice seem so incredibly streaky and while I agree the percentages even out the game sure takes a turn for the worse when played that many times. As for their AI, it certainly gets better dice from the stats I’ve collected than us human players. But I digress…the Online really changed something about the game for me…that coupled with DoW’s reluctance to engage me will see my scenario designing efforts going elsewhere. I met some great people through the game and think the community is one of the best online, so I will miss you all.

To be fair…I’ve also found another love. One that makes almost all of my board games seem rather flat. It’s one of the best WWII games I have ever played and have simply been engrossed with it for the last couple of weeks. If you are interested, have a look at Battle Academy…simply brilliant! Check out the demo. And it’s not a pay for play model (hint, hint). They have a great PBEM aspect so if you get it and want a game, look for me, Brummbar44 or drop me a line. I would be happy to play.

This post couldn’t be complete without one more thing. Here is a Breakthrough scenario for your enjoyment (make sure you use the breakthrough deck…it’s not the same without it) Memoir ‘44 – Breakthrough Operation Totalize scenario.

Happy Gaming!

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Friday, December 24th, 2010

I thought I would leave a little gift for my friends this Christmas.

Some 69 years ago Christmas wasn’t so fun for all who were trying to save the Island of Hong Kong.  This Pacific Theater scenario sees the Imperial Japanese invading the outnumbered Commonwealth forces on the Island.

Hong Kong - First Wave - M'44 scenario

I hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Memoir ‘44 Dice!

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Memoir '44 dice sheet

Here’s an early Christmas gift for everyone – the complete Memoir ‘44 dice decal sheet! While I’m still waiting on some indented dice (I was hoping to show an example) these should be fine if you can get a source for blank dice.

(Thanks to Tom Mouat for the permission to use the soldier and tank font in the creation of this sheet)

Games for the Holidays

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

It is time to start thinking about what to get that wargamer for the coming holiday season. In light of that, I have some suggestions based on the games I have played and enjoyed. Here I break them down in terms of what that special someone likes and what they will likely want next.

Let’s start with those who have yet to play Memoir ‘44, my suggestion – Memoir ‘44! It’s a great game that will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment for 2 players.

Ok, ok….if you are on this site, chances are you know about Memoir ‘44 so let’s see what is a good idea after that. There are a lot of expansions that I can suggest here but it would take up the whole post (see the Supplies page for ideas there). So my recommendation for the M’44 fan is the – Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book:Volume I. This one adds 50+ new scenarios and ties them together in campaigns and Grand Campaigns. The Normandy Campaign is playable with just the base game of Memoir ‘44 (authored by yours truly).

For more Memoir ‘44 players, try the Overlord expansion. It allows up to 8 players and makes for a different play. You’ll need any one of the Battle Maps to accompany it for the full experience (Hedgerow Hell or Tigers in the Snow or the new Sword of Stalingrad).

For those M’44 players who want to get a little deeper into wargaming I strongly suggest Tide of Iron. It’s a much more challenging game but with more control, it feels a lot less random than M’44. If they already have Tide of Iron, and enjoy it, I recommend any of the expansions that have come out, they are all good (see the Supplies page for more). Tide of Iron also has more of a multi-player support with up to 4. Be warned though, it is more time demanding than M’44.

For something different yet still accessible I really enjoyed a couple from the Axis & Allies series. Axis & Allies:D-Day introduces wargame sequences through the use of cards. While Axis & Allies:Battle of the Bulge has a fluid front and deals with the classic wargame problem of supply. Though these games have a limited replay value (not scenario based) they are still a great addition to any collection.

Looking for a good multi-player wargame? I would suggest the following…

Conquest of the Empire is set in ancient Rome and is a fun classic that offers two ways to play (Classic and II). The components are amazing (and right now, the price is amazing!).

Viktory II is another excellent multi-player game that is in the vein of Risk but plays out much better.

Well, that about covers off what I would suggest for the game players holiday wishlist.

Die by the Sword …of Stalingrad – Overlord!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Sword of StalingradFor immediate dispatch to OKW from Gen. Paulus, 6th Armee

Stalingrad has proven more difficult than anticipated.  The battle raged on for longer than expected (140 minutes!)

Recon elements discovered an additional Soviet battery (Reinforcement card from the Combat deck) around the sawmill.  Made for difficult progress on the right flank.  Many casualties there.

Early progress was made in the center and the heights overlooking Stalingrad were held after a number of contests that drained a lot of our resources.  Holding the heights gave us an advantage (Medal!). (more…)