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Battle Academy – The Great War mod, a tourney, and 2!

Great War British OfficerAfter my last bout with Memoir ’44 online, I turned back to a game that at least is fair, Battle Academy.

It had been awhile since I played and when I looked in on things I saw that the much anticipated BA2 was just around the corner (Sept. 12th!).  I eagerly anticipate the upgrade and taking on the Eastern battlefields of history.  Battle Academy has been great to play and I expect that BA2 will advance that even further!

Of course, a century ago in August was the start of the Great War.  As usual, I always have a draw to that massive conflict.  So again, I turned to Battle Academy as it allows for some great modifications.  One of which was done by Tim1966 of those forums which happened to be all about WWI.  So I went to work building some scenarios there.  Vimy was the first one and it turned out well especially given how rusty I was on design with that editor.  I’ve now added some additional scripts based on work of other great BA designers (like Enric and thanks too to CaveHobbit)…so I’ve managed to include a preliminary bombardment, German and British Officers and barbed wire that actually stops infantry.  On top of that, a second scenario (2nd Ypres) and am considering a third.  So if all goes well, the Great War BA mod should be a fun package.

Lastly, I’ve finally joined a BA tournament!  CaveHobbit is hosting his France ’40 maps and while it took some time to get used to the beefed up units, I played some of the maps before the tourney and they are fun!  Looking forward to playing that out as far as I can…good luck on that everyone! (note; at the time of writing, we are still looking for one more player…and they will be in my pool…so come on in, the water’s warm!).

Until next time, Ubique!