Monthly Archives: August 2013

Hong Kong – Memoir ’44 scenario

As regular visitors might note, I’ve been doing some upgrading to the site (yes, I am still alive!). I’ve done some maintenance and house cleaning and while I was at it a bit of a touch up on the look (what do you think?).

I’ve also opened up the Memoir ’44 scenarios posted (they used to be only for members of the site…but now they are open to all!). While I was at it, I posted a new scenario…   Continue reading

Gears of War – Belly of the Beast Buster?

Gears of War boardgame

We played GoW shortly after it came out (2-player). There were a lot of things I loved about this game when we first played it…and some things I hated. So after playing it through way back then (Jan. 2012…like that was so long ago!) we put it away. Mostly out of frustration I imagine given our current attempt.

So… I was poking around the geek for a good co-op romp and re-discovered GoW. Oh right! I own this, I realized…oh, and look! there’s an expansion. I ordered it and when it arrived thought we had better start from the beginning. Continue reading