Monthly Archives: November 2012

Battle Academy

I’m a Battle Academy junky…I’ll admit it.  When I found the Mac wargame demo I instantly fell in love…it was everything (or close enough) to what I wanted in a wargame.  I played through all of the campaigns (and there are a lot!). Then when those were done, went hunting for player made stuff (really good quality for the most part) and enjoyed those too. I had intended to get into some scenario creation myself but there was just so much to play…and then I got into their multiplayer!

Slitherine has set up an excellent PBEM multiplayer server that is well supported.  There is no additional cost to multiplayer games, they are included in the purchase price (Days of Wonder take note). So I played folks from all around the world and found myself often anticipating the next turn with relish.  The game is addictive but not frustratingly so (again, Memoir ’44 Online take note).  In fact, this game provides the best combat simulation in a game that I think I’ve ever played!

While we’re on the topic of Battle Academy, Slitherine has just announced it’s plans for BA2.  Sounds like awesome is going to get even better.  East front here we come!

If you don’t know Battle Academy…see it for yourself, download the Battle Academy demo and you will not be disappointed…hope to see you on the field!