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Battleship Galaxies – a campaign

Battleship Galaxies campaign

Here’s a fun 2 player game that I quickly saw campaign potential for. So I wrote up a quick campaign system for it that sets players off with the Standard class of ships that come with the game and as the scenarios progress, players can promote their ships. They also build their card decks as they go as well.

You can grab a copy of the campaign here – Battleship Galaxies Campaign.

Tide of Iron scenario – Worthington Force

Worthington Force scenario

A new scenario for Tide of Iron, Worthington Force pits the wits of the Canadians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time against an alarmed German force who moved quickly to destroy the force now in their midst.

Worthington Force can be played with the standard Tide of Iron game.

Edit: Amended version is now available (Thanks RayGuns and dutchy124 from BGG!)