Monthly Archives: June 2012

Battle Academy 2.0.4 released!

Today Slitherine officially announced the full release of Battle Academy 2.0.4.

I’ve been enjoying this online game for months now going through all of the campaigns and taking on players from all over the world with their excellent PBEM server system.  While this version addresses some, in my opinion, minor issues the main draw here is the ability to play on some multiplayer maps that allow you to select your forces using a points system.  This allows for some interesting combinations of forces in the hopes of defeating your opponents choice of force.

I’ve played a few games like this now and have fully enjoyed them.  If you are a WWII gamer and haven’t checked this game out yet…get it!  You are in for an absolute treat.  If you already have Battle Academy…look for me in the multiplayer, Brummbar44 or drop me a line to set up a game!

Back in Action

I couldn’t let a D-Day go by without sharing a battle with my friends.

Tide of Iron scenario – Bridgehead Bretteville depicts the night attack on June 8th by the panthers of the 12th SS (with little infantry support) against the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

The scenario was intended for a Normandy campaign publication that just never came to fruition (sadly). Maybe if enough of you out there want it…we can make it happen?

Included is a stat card for the 6 pdr. gun and Panther that will be required for play. Enjoy.