Monthly Archives: December 2011


Hong KongWhile I had planned to release my time appropriate Hong Kong Campaign (70th commemoration) free to the community this Christmas my computer had other thoughts. A broken hard drive put me out of action for the last week! So now I am behind.

However, I see that DoW is now also shipping the CB#2 around this time, overshadowing any contribution I would have anyway (coincidence? It was supposed to be out earlier…to add insult to injury, some people obviously have copies…mine have yet to arrive and I worked on it!). At any rate, it also appears that JDRommel has released another flood of scenarios in time for the holiday season so it seems that my efforts simply aren’t required.

In light of everything, I am disheartened to say the least. The only bright spot has been the support and friendship I have received from Richard Borg himself along with some encouraging comments from my friends in the community.

Maybe one day, I’ll get back to finishing this campaign for public consumption, but being self-employed now, I have more direct concerns to attend to. Sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone.

I wish you all a Happy Gaming Holiday. Best wishes in 2012