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Memoir ’44 Scenario – Trick or Treat?!

m18 Hellcat - Memoir '44

Hellcats Race to Noville is a new Memoir ’44 scenario. This scenario depicts the race of Team Desobry to prevent the 2nd Panzer Division from threatening the Bastogne flank. It features a new Haus Rule about the M18 Hellcat tank destroyers.

Sounds like a Halloween treat? Maybe, but the Trick is I haven’t had a chance to playtest it! LOL! Drop me a line if you love it or hate it…and why.

Happy Halloween!

WWII Library – New Page

In an effort to share some of the valuable resources I have used over the years I have decided to initiate a library where you can see what books I have and possibly add a copy to your own library. Look for the new link in the Pages along the right hand side.

Edit: A quick note to regular visitors…I’ve had to move my website so some things may be out of order in some places. I’m working to not only get it back to regular but also to improve things. I lost my Wave of Steel post so if anyone by chance has the copy please let me know.