New Mini’s

I've added a few more pics to the collection.  I had a lot of fun paitning these new ones.  I tried out a giraffe cam pattern that I saw for the Grille and a bit of a vine looking pattern for the Marder.  The King Tiger took on a similar pattern to the JgdPzIV's I painted earlier but the dots came out bigger than I would've liked.

To help my wife discern between the different vehicles, I now used just the brown to cam assault guns and green for tank destroyers (I know, pretty geeky!)

I had actually painted the Hellcat and Chruchill awhile ago but hadn't taken pictures so now was a good time while I was shooting the others.

These new ones are all Pendraken figs (except the Hellcat, it's a Perrin).  Now to make some rules for them...

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