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Normandy, June, 1944…

”The Germans are doing everything they can to hold on to Caen. I have decided not to have a lot of casualties by battering up against the place, so I have ordered Second army to keep up a good pressure at Caen, and to make its main efforts towards Villers-Bocage and Evercy and thence SE towards Falaise.”

General Bernard Montgomery – June, 1944

Hellfire Pass

Our first clash in the Memoir ’44 Mediterranean Theater battles went down last night.  While I don’t own a copy of the game, I have enough kit to start a desert war of my own!  Everything in 3D of course.

I started as the Afrika Korps set up in a nice defensive in the pass.  Borrowed 88’s from Tide of Iron’s Days of the Fox worked nicely to augment the new SWA rules for AT guns.  They look menacing!  I used some Attack! figures for the Italians.  My British are the Revell 8th Army 1:72 scale figs.  And of course, I painted up the DAK in their desert colors (quick and easy method).  I fashioned the Ergs & Ridges out of foam and barring a minor paint accident, they worked very well and were visually quite effective.

Alas, all of my efforts were for naught.  The Brits smashed through on a flank and had a devastating Air Power strike which broke open the Afrika Korps and 2 Matildas exited the board. British Bert – 6 medals to Brummbär’s Korps – 4 medals.

The flip didn’t fare much better for me as the British.  While it did come down to ‘the next medal wins’ my luck simply ran out and the Axis guns were too well positioned for my breakout to occur.  Lisa’s Korps – 6 medals to Mac’s Brits – 5 medals.

This was a fun and challenging scenario from both sides and a great introduction to the Mediterranean Theater.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Memoir ’44 Reference – Tanks Alot

Ive been going through a list of Memoir 44 scenarios, and just looking at each real life encounter of the battle. Makes some interesting reading while I am not able to play :) One of my favorite things about playing memoir is the history, and understanding the circumstances involved in a particular battle. What were the goals, and problem each side faced?

Here is a list of some light quick reading I’ve compiled. I hope you enjoy!
Tanks Alot

Memoir ’44 Scenario Reference

Painting the Afrika Korps

Painting the Axis (German) tanks that come with a base set of Memoir ’44 is your best bet for the opponent forces to the British in the Mediterranean Theater expansion that is out now from Days of Wonder.  Fortunately there isn’t even a stretch of the imagination here as the PzKw- IVf2 is very similar to the tank available in plenty with the base M’44 game.  The only color you may need to get is Sandgelb from your local hobby store.