Vacation over!

Vancouver IslandHi Volks...some of you may have noted a lack of posts on here lately. That's because I was away on vacation enjoying beautiful Vancouver Island! We had some really nice weather here and I took full advantage of it. And now I am back into the swing of things...well...mostly.

We've finished playing Days of the Fox (great expansion!) and are looking for some new scenarios. Might be time to try out some more of the player made ones at FFG. At least until the Mediterranean expansion comes out for Memoir '44.

I was also in for a pleasant surprise when I came home to find that my next order of Pendrakens came in. Again, Dave was a pleasure to deal with and despite having a number of larger orders to fill, got mine to me in a very timely fashion. They look great and I can't wait to paint them up and share some of the photos.

4 Responses to “Vacation over!”

  1. jhorner Says:

    It would be great to have you rate any of the player-made scenarios you try out. A big disadvantage of the player-made scenario set is the lack of any review.

  2. Brummbär Says:

    Good call. I am a big advocate of providing feedback on user made scenarios. I was thinking of spotlighting some of the better ones I play. Hope to get a play or two in this weekend and will certainly report back.

  3. Hefsgaard Says:

    Looks like a nice time. My brother says that the island is a treat.

    How long do you normaly have to wait for Pendraken miniatures?

    I tried mailing them, and they have not even responeded…..

  4. Brummbär Says:

    Your brother is right! Always somewhere neat to explore.

    Pendraken, while providing excellent service overall, hasn’t been the best for communications. I do know they have a large trade order they were filling but they should still get back to you. Try emailing them again is all I can really suggest.

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