Omaha Beach, Allies Strategies

Omaha Beach is one of the tougher beginner scenarios. The German defenses are quite tough. Given the optimum cards, what strategies would you take as the allies?

Charlescab (Tanks Alot on Vassal)

How to take the beach?

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  1. Brummbär Says:

    I would like to thank Charles for offering up his services as a contributor to the site. Charles is interested in finding out more about strategies so he has decided to query the community about different strategies.

    To address the strategy for Omaha, here is my advice… This is obviously a tough scenario for the Allies. The key to this is the flanking artillery. They are very forward and able to bring down good dice almost regardless of where you are on the board. My advice…destroy one of the batteries soonest then push in on that flank. You’ll certainly need some luck in both cards and dice here but the heavies like Barrage or even Air Power will give the attack a big boost.

  2. jdavias Says:

    The version of the scenario as published in the Air Pack may be easier, as it is possible to bring the naval guns of the “destroyer” (although the game piece shows a bigger ship I must say) to bear on the right artillery bunker - those 2 dice quickly become 3 and then the rangers lead the way ;)
    That’s 3 moves for the ship though… Otherwise if the Air Rules are in effect, a P-38 can nullify the bunker protection.
    I think tanks should be used to clear the barbed wire as the rest of the german are either in bunkers or towns…

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