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The British ARE coming!

the British expansion for Memoir \'44At least part of the cat seems to be out of the bag. This image was spotted online and promises that the expansion many have been waiting for is now in sight.

From the Urban Collector’s website – “The Mediterranean Theater Expansion introduces British Army figures and rules to the Memoir ’44 game system, as well as a whole new class of Special Weapon Assets to embed in infantry units. Also included are eight new historical scenarios in North Africa, 44 new, double-sided Terrain tiles, plus new obstacles, markers, and special-forces badges.”

Expected to ship by 4th Quarter 2008

Just in…from the site (thanks to Aging One from BGG for the post)

Memoir ‘44: Mediterranean Theater, Coming in October

Fans of Memoir ‘44 have been pining for British troops practically since the day the game was announced, and their wishes will finally come true thanks to the forthcoming Mediterranean Theater expansion. In addition to the British army figures (and the rules to govern them), this expansion includes rules for the Italian army as well as a new class of Special Weapon Assets that are embedded in infantry units.

Memoir ‘44: Mediterranean Theater includes 75 new figures (42 British infantry, 24 Crusader Tanks, six 25-pounder field guns, and three anti-tank Special Weapon Assets), 44 new double-sided terrain tiles, eight historical scenarios in North Africa, and new obstacles, markers and Special Forces badges. Says Eric Hautemont, Days of Wonder CEO, in a press release accompanying this announcement, “This expansion is just the next step in our ongoing development and support of the Memoir ‘44 game system.”

Tide of Introductions

Well, the news is out, the 5 finalists have been chosen for the Tide of Iron introductory scenario competition. There are some interesting scenarios there, if you haven’t seen them yet, visit the Fantasy Flight Games website for details.  I’ll be playing all of those this weekend and hope to give some good feedback to the authors…and of course, my nomination for the winner!

While my scenario didn’t make it, I can understand why. It is a little too advanced for an introductory scenario (which was the aim of the competition) and it does take a little longer than 45 minutes to play (another caveat). But I think it does well as a beginners scenario after a few basic scenarios are under your belt. For the Tide of Iron fans, my first scenario offering – Crossing the Moselle.


Overlord expansionThe latest offering from Days of Wonder was put to the test yesterday…well…sort of.

You see, the usual suspects of the Vassal community got together and played what turned out to be a wildly unpredictable game of Memoir ’44 Overlord (Peleliu Landings). Normally, we play from the rules issued with the original base game but on this day, we had the opportunity to take advantage of the new rules which happened to cover the Pacific Theater. This came in very handy (though, more for our Marine opponents than us Japanese!). They clarified that issue and I noticed that the Eastern Front and Air Pack expansions are also covered.

While we didn’t get a chance to use the new deck, I was able to reference them throughout the game. They are much clearer in who can do what. I am also a little relieved that they have decided to go with a lone deck specifically for Overlord. I played Overlord a couple of times and I hated having to divy up the cards afterward (one deck was slightly more used and I wanted to keep those together etc…)

As for the game…we lost…but barely, were it but for the luck of the roll….but that’s classic Memoir ’44 for you. Thanks to Coltsfan, Sam, TommieSL and Tank Commander for the game. Hope to do it again.

Donor Bonus or Hitler Cats

There is quite a heated environment on the gaming forums over the latest Days of Wonder Memoir ’44 expansion. I think, to simplify the problem, the community has it’s mandate…and DoW has it’s own. With the Overlord Expansion, they don’t appear to meet. Thus conflict.

For me, the issue with DoW is a lack of new scenarios. I had run out awhile back and finally got the chance to crack open Tide of Iron, much to my delight. I’m in the process of playtesting a scenario for the Fantasy Flight Games competition and hope to offer that up here as well.

But today is for the Donor’s of this site. I sent out a scenario to them. I hope they enjoy.

For the rest of you, donate today and you can get a copy. Otherwise you will have to settle for this odd link instead – Cats that look like Hitler (ps – I am neither a fan of Hitler or cats!)

Breakthrough – Seelow Heights

Well, I could wait no longer for the official Breakthrough scenario editor to come out (ok, I could, but thought the community could use a scenario!). Volks who donated to the site got an advanced play on this one and it was well received. Some new twists going on in it, so enjoy -> Seelow Heights Memoir ’44 Breakthrough scenario.

Donors can expect another new sneak peak later this week, this time, it’s a standard Memoir ’44 scenario that can be played with nothing more than the base game in fact.