Monthly Archives: June 2008

New site, new game

I’ve had Tide of Iron for well over a year now.  Being a WWII European Theater fan, I just had to get it.  I just never got a chance to really get to it.  The last year has seen me very busy with Memoir ’44.  First it was the Air Pack then…well…some things, I just can’t talk about…yet.  So it kept me busy.

I finally got a chance to take a break (I’ll be back!) from Memoir and dive into the Tide…and swept away with it!  Tide of Iron is a great game!  This has all of the action.  I plan to write a more detailed review shortly and include a suggested path of scenarios for beginners to take.

I was also very happy to discover all of my 3d terrain and custom vehicles are very applicable to Tide of Iron!

With the new Trucks and Halftracks that come with the game I decided to revise my Camouflage Vehicle Painting tutorial so it will be a little bit longer.  But, as a bonus, I figured out the quickest and easiest method to paint your allies stuff.  More on that soon as well.

And of course, as some of you may notice, the site is now based on WordPress.  It was an easy upgrade that I should have done when I revamped my site at the start of the year.  Well, better late than never.  Now you can register and comment directly on my site.  I am still cleaning up some of the links…so if you notice something not working, let me know.

How-to: Writing Scenarios

I wrote a scenario writing tutorial awhile back and since it has remained largely forgotten. BradyLS and Greek Geek though put in a good reminder on BGG so I thought I would pull it out, dust it off and run it up the flag pole. It is by no means a definitive document, but you may find some good things in it. If it helps make better scenarios, then bonus. Grab it from the Depot.