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Memoir '44 scenario

Update 04/27/08 – Intelligence Report on the Breakthrough complete, read about it here.

For immediate release from Abwehr I H West: Obtained from a captured prisoner (he would identify himself only as ‘the post man’), the planned Breakthrough to Gembloux map has fallen into our hands! We will examine in detail and report our findings back here.

Let’s Take to the Air!

Memoir '44 scenario

While it turned out to be a lot more work than I bargained for, the Memoir ’44 Air Pack extension for Vassal is ready. This extension required a re-working of the original module and has many new and improved features. Some of which are…

  • Night Attack Chart that is directly on the playing surface featuring a Sunrise/Sunset right click
  • Air Sortie cards that when played to your hand either directly or through a draw will be indicated to your opponent
  • All of the Revised scenarios (Thanks Bayernkini and Greeek Geek)
  • Brummbär’s select scenarios
  • Updated Player’s Aid chart
  • Air Pack tiles and markers

Visit the Vassal page to access the download to this package. If you have never tried Memoir’44 on Vassal before, now is the time. It is easy in one complete package and has a ReadMe file with a link to a Playing on Vassal tutorial.

Enjoy and hope to catch you online!

Calling all Vassal Players…

Memoir '44 scenario

Update! – The Air Pack extension is ready! Visit my Vassal page for details. This was an extensive upgrade to not only create the extension but the main module itself needed to be upgraded. It’s all now available at

Brent and Tim over at the Vassal forums are really helping me out with it…a big thanks to them (esp. Tim, lot’s of good advice and help)!