Monthly Archives: February 2008

New Memoir ’44 Scenario!

Not sure how this one crept in under the radar (or maybe it’s just me?) but I noticed in the Jan. issue of Game Trade Magazine there is a new Pacific Theater scenario involving the Japanese and the British. It’s done in the format of the new Air Pack book (which we can assume will be the standard from here on in).

Looks like a good one. Check it out here – Defense of Meiktila (link no longer works, removed)

Haus Rules – Mobile Artillery

This is another Haus Rule that has a direct change to the rules as published. The Mobile Artillery rule (or, as they are more commonly know as, Self-Propelled Artillery) is very harsh indeed. The ability for it to move 1 and fire in effect makes it similar to a very devistating infantry. It is simply too much and find it really unbalances any game it is in.

In order to take them to a more sane level here is my Haus Rule…

big gunsMobile Artillery
Unit may either Battle or Move 2 hexes.

This keeps them from getting too heavy too soon. As it is, they can still move twice as far as Artillery, so they will get themselves into a good firing position faster. Try it out.