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Air Pack Contest Ends Soon!!

With just over a week left until the deadline for submissions I’m surprised there aren’t more entries! I know, you’re probably saying… “I don’t have an unpainted air plane to submit”. Well, they don’t have to be unpainted. If you own an Air Pack, painting those makes them eligible! The contest rules simply state – “Contestants must submit a photograph of their painting of one of the planes from the Memoir ‘44 Air Pack expansion.”

Ok, so maybe you don’t want to ruin your already lovely painted air plane… no problem, just add a little of your own personal touch. You don’t need to paint the whole thing. Just ‘enhance’ it. According to the contest rules… “By their submission, entrants vouch that the painting or enhancements on their entry are their own creation and not the work of anyone else”.

Have a look around online for a camouflage pattern that catches your fancy and away you go. Throw a little color on there. While you are there, try cleaning up that canopy with a drybrush light blue. Have fun with them, they are your flight now!

Ok Volks, no excuses… let’s see some planes! (ps – for some ideas, I’ve added a gallery dedicated to the Air Pack in the Recon section).

Days of Wonder Airplane Painting Contest links;
Contest Rules – Submissions page

The Hills are Alive (again)!

I thought I would give everyone something to do over the holiday break… make some hills for Memoir ’44. This is an old tutorial that I pulled out of the vault and brushed up a little. It isn’t hard to do and the rewards of actually having 3D hills on the board is instantly gratifying.

You can find the tutorial in the Depot.

The Air Pack has arrived!

Memoir '44 Air Pack

It’s here! Ok, well, it is at my location anyway. Having worked on the project, I got an advanced copy (that wasn’t so advanced thanks to Canada Customs!). It arrived today and after having playtested with some pretty ad-hoc measures, I couldn’t wait to get the real thing on the table. Got an Me-109 out right away. Kept him around for a few turns doing some nasty strafing runs that netted me an arty and an infantry. Alas though, he was also the first air casualty when the enemy got luck and shot him down.

I’d write a review on the pack, but ColtsFan posted an excellent one on BoardGameGeek. I’m thinking instead of writing up a quick startegy guide on using the planes.

Memoir ’44 Vassal Pack

Memoir '44 Air Pack

Just about to head online in a bit to play some M’44 via vassal. I’ve been given permission from Days of Wonder to include in my latest update the new Richard Borg scenario – Baraque de Fraiture (Parker’s Crossroads). This scenario will also be the finals in the Fall Brawl tournament scheduled for the 9th.

Also included are my Ortona trilogy, Breaking the Hitler line and Disaster at Dieppe Update! I had set the extension up incorrectly, I have now corrected it but for now the only scenario in it is the new DoW Holiday Greeting scenario. Download the extension and save it to your mod_ext folder. (note; you’ll also need the Eastern Front extension to play this scenario

Grab the Memoir ’44 Vassal pack here!

VwCON – Memoir ’44 Vassal Tournament Update!

The qualifying round is now complete. Congrats to Bert and Jesker who had a very close match as they met each other in the last game of the qualifying round. They will be playing the finals on Sunday Dec. 9th (time yet to be determined).

See the latest results here – Memoir ’44 Vassal Tournament. You can download the logfiles and play them back in Vassal to see how the games went turn by turn.

I’ll also be posting a Brummbär Memoir ’44 vassal pack on the site sometime on Dec. 7th that players can add to their vassal extension. Makes playing those Ortona scenarios so much easier!